Kala Pathar, Nepal

I’ve been fortunate to spend time in many beautiful and fragile parts of our world, and I’m keen to use the power of images to help tell their stories. Stories of distant lands, but also of places and people closer to home. There are organisations on the ground trying to make a difference – changing lives for the better, or protecting valuable habitats and ways of life. Through my pictures I hope to make a small contribution, both financially (donating a proportion of proceeds where I can), and also by explaining the issues they face.

So, there are pictures from across the Himalaya, from Afghanistan, from Libya and Lesotho, from Colombia and the Congo. And also many from some of the wilder corners of Britain and Europe.

You can read a Picfair interview here, where I talk about motivations and strange situations.

I’m involved in various endurance events around the world (for example the Original Everest Marathon and the Marathon of Afghanistan), and I’m on the Younger Members’ Committee of the Royal Geographical Society, where I help organise the annual ‘Microlectures‘ event, showcasing the stories of new explorers who are making geographical journeys around the world.

Band-e Amir, Afghanistan