Images of culture, adventure, exploration and conservation, from the world’s wild places.

At least 50% of proceeds will go to a relevant charity.

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Sunrise CLICK IMAGE: Tibet Relief Fund cards

I've been fortunate to spend time in many beautiful and fragile parts of our world, and I'm keen to use the power of images to help tell their stories. Stories of distant lands, but also of places and people closer to home. There are organisations on the ground trying to make a difference - changing lives for the better, or protecting valuable habitats and ways of life. Through my pictures I hope to make a small contribution to their work, both financially and also by explaining the issues they face.

So, there are pictures from across the Himalaya, from Afghanistan, from Libya and Lesotho, from Colombia and the Congo. And also many from some of the wilder corners of Britain and Europe.

This website is a simple starting point. Images are gradually being added to Picfair, an online photo library, and that's the easiest place to browse. There are over 400 pictures available there, each with a tale to tell - about a place, a time, a cause for concern or a reason for hope.

Images are available for downloading, printing, whatever you'd like, under a simple licence. At least 50% of the proceeds go to a relevant charity.

Cards, calendars, and framed images are available as well - please get in touch to discuss anything that you might want, either for yourself or as a gift.

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Alpine Flowers
Desert Skies
Afghan Girls
Arnside Evening
Crossing Blue Waters CLICK IMAGE: Globetrotters Club 2017 calendar
Mother and Child
Under Libyan Skies